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      I wanted to thank everyone first for checking out my page! I am the author of The Legend of Wahkan, my very first novel. It's a story that has been a part of my life for fourteen years. Yes, I was a young teenager at the time, and I wasn't thinking about hanging out with friends or talking to boys! My mind was elsewhere...
      ​The Legend of Wahkan began as an interesting dream, one I just couldn't let go of. I was only thirteen years old (January 17th, 2000) just a month shy of my fourteenth birthday. I was a kid who was in love with reading, writing, and the story lines in video games. I guess you can say that I'm a closeted nerd compared to my image, but don't be so quick to judge the pretty face! ^_^ 
      So now, no one has to wait any longer for this book! My publishing experience with The Legend of Wahkan is about to reach its end, but that doesn't mean my journey will. To my friends, family, and fans in Prattville, AL and possibly Washington, D.C., you will see my face around during  local events, book fairs, etc. My top priority is YOU! Your comments, concerns, reviews mean the most. I am also in the process of outlining my next series. I'm thinking about saying goodbye to my most beloved characters without providing a sequel, but who knows right? We'll just have to wait and see!!
     I wanted to thank everyone again for the support. Some of you already know my back story and how hard I worked on The Legend of Wahkan, and to the ones who are just coming to this page to learn more, don't hesitate to message me via facebook or my gmail account: melissare220@gmail.com to inquire further. Thanks again!!
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Melissa Sharman

The author of The Legend of Wahkan
November 23, 2013
I am in the process of reviewing the "galley" aka the interior of my book.  
"I am getting tired from the eye strain...But I am still smiling!" 
"Sick, but I have someone here to keep me company. It's been a busy holiday season!" 
December 16, 2014
The busy holiday season has delayed my progress, and then I can't seem to get over this cold!
January 3, 2014
A new year, a new beginning! Enjoying our last days of snow! We are moving back to Alabama. The review of the galley is back underway. 
"Happy New Year! I am not sure if I will miss the snow, but I cannot wait to get back to the south!"
January 21, 2014
I'm back in Alabama! Hoping that my husband will have his orders soon. Working hard on this review!
"My book has gotten longer after this review process, and I'm not even at the halfway point!Whoa!"
February 8th, 2014
The galley has been approved and the book has been sent to the printer!
"I am so anxious to get my copy soon! It should arrive by my 28 Birthday! So excited!!"
February 17th, 2014
It's official! Order your copy at Amazon.com!
"Full of emotions!! 14 years in the making!! The Legend of Wahkan."
The Legend of Wahkan
A fourteen year journey...
Book-To-Screen Pitchfest
September 26, 2014
​Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel
Los Angeles, California ​
I am honored to be invited to such an exciting event to put my idea into the hands of Hollywood film executives. This is an opportunity a self published author shouldn't ignore! Fingers crossed! LA, here I come!
Pitch Fest Success!
I am very happy to say that my goal was achieved in California.  Out of 120 authors and amazing ideas, I am proud to say that I am at least one of the participants that was able to get a request for my manuscript. Regardless of what happens next, I am truly grateful for this most amazing opportunity. Now...we wait. :)
2015 Fountain City Arts Festival
March 28, 2015
Pratt Park
Prattville, AL 36067​​.
The Arts Festival is right around the corner and I will be back with paperback copies of The Legend of Wahkan. Get your signed copy during this fun event for less and learn about my self publishing experience and what you can do to start yours!
My Journey from the Review to Publication
Prattville City Fest 2015
May 2, 2015
Downtown Prattville
Prattville, AL 36067​​
I am looking forward to this fun and exciting event! I
will be located on Main Street near the corner of S.
Washington St. selling paperback copies! If you'd like
an autographed copy  or would like to learn more about becoming an author yourself come see me! ​​​
  Troy University School of Nursing 2016
I am back in college! After having one of my favorite authors since I was kid read my story, I got a lot of great feedback. However, I've put the story on hold. I know what I must do with it,  but I must complete this last goal of mine so I can have a rewarding career and hobby! I appreciate everyone who continues to support my dreams.